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CFPB to reopen TRID rulemaking

In a letter dated April 28, 2016, addressed to Industry Trades and their Members and signed by Director Cordray, the CFPB announced its intention to reopen the rulemaking for the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. The Bureau announced the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) would likely be issued in late July.

New Pennsylvania Rates and Endorsements

  • New Pennsylvania Title Innovations Rates - May 1, 2016
         2016 Pennsylvania Rate Calculator
         2016 Pennsylvania Good Faith Estimate Calculator
         Version 4.1 Database files
         Version 5.1 Database files

  • New Pennsylvania Short Form Policy - May 1, 2016
         Word forms
         Word Perfect forms

  • New Pennsylvania Endorsements - May 1, 2016
         Word forms
         Word Perfect forms
         Version 4.1 Database files
         Version 5.1 Database files
  • Closing Disclosure Forms

    Can your software produce Closing Disclosure Forms and ALTA Settlement Statements? Title Innovations can!

    Title Innovations has been producing live Closing Disclosure Forms since October 6.

    Title Innovations can deal with all of your lender requests.

    Tired of promises that software vendors do not deliver on? Call John Granger at 610-929-5154

    Agency Automation

    Title Innovations is an industry leading program for title insurance agency automation. Title Advantage started this process in 1982.

    The first laptop out of the office settlement on the hood of a car at a lot was done in 1984.

    Title Innovations has automated bank reconcilliations since 1988.

    Online title insurance rate calculators since 1997 and GFE calculators since 2006.

    Title Innovations is a Windows program that can be operated directly from the keyboard without a mouse.

    Why slow down your fast typists by requiring them to constantly leave the keyboard to find a mouse?

    Title Innovations automates order processing including the search request, thank you letters for the order, tax search requests, payoff requests, survey requests and any other file opening documents via printouts, e-mails or faxes one one screen with with only a few keystrokes.

    Groups of documents for any other part of the order process are similarly automated.

    Document production for Commitments, deeds, Policies, etc. can be generated with a few keystrokes.

    Title Innovations is the fastest program to complete a settlement and disbursement.

    Title Innovations and Title Advantage have virtually eliminated the policy department. Separating the Commitment Schedule B1 into all items that will be removed and Schedule B2 into all items that will stay, allows the Policy Schedule B to be prepared with the Commitment. Then the settlement clerk generates Schedule A and with a jacket returns the policy with the mortgage package. In areas without instant electronic recording, either instant policies or with the gap coverage in the 2006 policies, policies are generated as a part of the settlement cleanup. Owner's policies are just as quick.

    Introducing Versions 4.1 and 5.1 with support for:

    Best Practices

    Create your Best Practices Manual now

    Best Practices seems to be an overkill solution for a problem that does not exist.

    Best Practices appears to have catostrophic penalties for minor failures. So like it or not, we are stuck with it.

    Best Practices can be broken down into four areas.

    • Things that you already do
    • Things that you should do - good ideas
    • New paperwork - copies of licenses, credit and background checks, lists of what you have done to comply
    • Things that might have some value - clean desk policy, etc.

    I have a complete Best Practices Manual available that is customizable to title agencies of various sizes. I even have a checklist that shows where every requirement is met.

    A complete Best Practices Manual is not a five minute solution. My current Best Practices Manual is over 40 pages and that is before you add all of the photocopies to the appendix's.

    I have created databases to help with the recordkeeping and reporting required under Best Practices.

    • Best Practices - Training, Actions and Issues Log
    • Complaints
    • Employees - Employees, Background, Credit Checks, Licensing
    • Recording - Implemented in Title Innovations Order database

    Title Innovations™ - Sample Privacy Policy

    Call me to schedule creating a Best Practices Manual for your agency.


    The CFPB Settlement Sheet replaces the current three page HUD-1, GFE and TIL in a five page Settlement Sheet.

    CFPB Final Rule (Effective October 5, 2015)

    1. The rule
      1. New Closing Disclosure form which replaces the current HUD1
      2. Final rule submitted to the Federal Register - November 20, 2013
    2. Detailed summary of compliance-related information
    3. What this means for consumers - consumer summary
    4. Proposals

       ALTA Best Practices Page

       ALTA Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Page

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