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Title Innovations™ - About Us

In 1999 several agents like yourself reviewed all of the Windows title agency software. Finding all of them insufficient to replace their existing DOS and Windows title agency software, Title Innovations was born.

Allow me a few moments and I will show you how they solved their automation problem.

My clients and I drew up a wish list and I started creating a new generation of title agency automation software.

Over two years of research, design and testing plus fourteen years of production installations has proven Title Innovations ability to produce large volumes of work with few users. Title Innovations is deployed, documented, current, built for today and tomorrow.

Previously the cost of creating a new Windows title agency software system was more than all of my clients could bear. About this time FileMaker released version 5 of the database. This new database allowed me to cost effectively design a custom Windows title agency software system for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Where else can you find title agency automation software where client suggestions can be a part of the program the same day or shosrtly thereafter?

I have designed and written software for the title insurance agents and underwriters for over thirty years, including the first remote laptop settlements in 1984.

This includes the Title Advantage agency software, underwriter remittance processing and the Pennsylvania / New Jersey / New York Title / Connecticut / District of Columbia / Delaware / Florida / Maryland / South Carolina / Texas / Virginia Title Insurance Web Sites.

Designed for Pennsylvania / New Jersey / Delaware / Maryland

Screens adapt to your location without screens full of useless fields.

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