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Best Practices

Create your Best Practices Manual now

After attending seminars and sitting through webinars
is your agency's Best Practices Manual finished?

Are you ready for the CFPB and Best Practices requirements which are coming fast?

Are you comfortable claiming that you pass Best Practices without admitting compliance with the Best Practices or the sufficiency of the procedures for any particular purpose?

Sooner or later someone is going to ask: How can you pass Best Practices without admitting compliance?

Best Practices appears to have catastrophic penalties for minor failures. So like it or not, we are stuck with it.

Best Practices is supposed to be about showing that your agency is actually complying.

You can easily have a fully compliant Best Practices Manual.

How many people in the title insurance industry have the knowledge required to understand all of the Best Practices requirements?

John Granger has been working in the title insurance industry for over thirty years and is familiar with the title insurance industry from both the agency and underwriter perspective as well as:

  • Computers - software development and hardware for agents and underwriters
  • Escrow bank reconcillations - over thirty years experience
  • Banking - positive pay, reverse positive pay, automated bank reconcillations since the 1980's
  • Disaster recovery - multiple actual recoveries

Best Practices created new requirements from the agency perspective.

Best Practices seems to be an overkill solution for a problem that does not exist.

Best Practices can be broken down into four areas.

  • Things that you already do
  • Things that you should do - good ideas
  • New paperwork - copies of licenses, credit and background checks, lists of what you have done to comply
  • Things that might have some value - clean desk policy, etc.

I have a complete Best Practices Manual available that is customizable to title agencies of various sizes. I even have a checklist that shows where every requirement is met.

A complete Best Practices Manual is not a five minute solution. My current Best Practices Manual is over 40 pages and that is before you add all of the photocopies to the appendix's.

I have created databases to help with the recordkeeping and reporting required under Best Practices.

  • Best Practices - Training, Actions and Issues Log
  • Employees - Employees, Background, Credit Checks, Licensing
  • Recording - Implemented in Title Innovations Order database
  • Complaints

Now is the time to implement a customized Best Practices Manual for your agency that meets all of the ALTA assessment procedures before you need one tomorrow or actually fail the assessment.

Contact John Granger today get a customized Best Practices Manual for your agency.

Call me at (610) 929-5154 to schedule creating a Best Practices Manual for your agency.

John Granger (610) 929-5154 View Granger John's profile on LinkedIn

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