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  Title Innovations™   Best Practices
  Title agency automation for this century   and beyond
Title Innovations™ - Features
  New Closing Disclosure Form - Settlement Sheet
   Standard Section A, B and C charges for lenders,
Standard Section H charges for realtors,
Standard Section C and H charges for title agents,
Standard Section H charges for County, Municipality and Underwriter
   Extra lines 18 lines
18 lines
  7 lines
  4 lines
40 lines
in   Section B
Section C
Section E
Section F
Section H
(Did Not Shop for),
(Did Shop for),
(Recording and Transfer Taxes),
   Simultaneous HUD-1, GFE and CDF for the same file #, each one click away
   No Limit on the number of Disbursement Checks
   Millages for Tax Calculations
  True Windows program that can be run with a Keyboard or a Mouse!
Runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
  Automated Conveyancing
Automatically generates the search request, acknowledgement letter to the client, all of the tax search requests with up to twenty tax certifications per municipality with checks and any group of letters with new orders from only one Window.
  Automated Commitments
Payoff's, B1's, B2's, legal descriptions and attachments by property and subdivision.
  HUD-1 Settlement Sheets for cash deals
   Easy to read Settlement Sheets - Big numbers and words
   Extra Lines on Settlement Sheet: 701 - 706, 801 - 816, 1301 - 1340
   No Limit on the number of Disbursement Checks
   Yield Spreads with adjustments and extra for recording of assignments
   Millages for Tax Calculations
   Standard 1300 charges by County, Municipality and Underwriter
  Document Management - The Paperless office with Title Innovations
The order documents section of Title Innovations has been expanded to allow any type of document. Word processing files, faxes, PDF files, e-mail attachments, images, etc.
  Support for Larger Screen Sizes
Larger screens allow more information to be displayed simultaneously.

  Watch Lists - Underwriters, Treasury, FDIC

  Ability to work on two files at the same time
Title Innovations has the ability to remember where you are, look up information in another file to answer telephone calls and then simply return to where you left off with just a few keystrokes.
  Fast Data Entry
No need to constantly take your fingers off of the keyboard to use a mouse.

  Short Learning Cycle - install, import data, be productive

  Expanded Reporting Section

  Scanning, Courthouse Imaging and Internet Support

  Title Innovations retains all of the Title Advantage ease of use.
Most new orders can be entered in just one Window.
  Retains years of Title Advantage data and procedures
Title Innovations imports Title Advantage Orders, Commitments, Policies, Invoices, Applicants, Counties, Settlements, Disbursements and Escrow data.

  See for yourself, Title Innovations 5.1 Demo Version is available FREE.

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